Home Search

Finding the perfect home includes more than just a review of properties for sale! Understanding the area and what makes a specific neighborhood unique is equally important.

LifeStyle Home Search

Our Lifestyle Home Search lets you visually view, on an interactive map, all criteria that are important in your home buying decision. You can quickly review such details as neighborhoods, schools, services, restaurants, entertainment and many other local amenities.

Customize Your Home Search

To Begin customizing your home search, open the Home Search Criteriaa on the right side of the map. You can refine your search using the predefined selection criteria – or follow the link to the Advanced Search for extremely detailed searches.

From the left side of the map you can control the map location and size and access help tutorials.

Once you choose the Lifestyle selection, the menu will open and you can then click the features that interest you. Each selection will will appear on the map.The slider underneath each category (which is revealed by clicking the category name), will create a radius around amenity selected. This feature is ideal for learning what areas on the map maximize your lifestyle choices and also for finding homes within a certain distance of a business, school, or grouping.

Save Your Search

Once you have one or several custom searches created you can save them by creating an account. As properties match your personal requirements coma available, you will be emailed updates.