About Us

Thanks for visiting MainelyPortland, our latest online adventure.  We are also the owner of  Maine Home Connection, which is viewed by many to be Southern Maine’s premier online real estate website.  We moved to Maine in 2000 after living in many other parts of the country, including NYC, Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta.

Honestly, we never originally thought we would stay in Maine, but after a short time we realized this was our “home”.

The greater Portland area offers every aspect of cosmopolitan living one could seek, yet provides for a healthy and inspiring lifestyle. The city of Portland itself is amazing and continues to grow and get more sophisticated all the time – and we enjoy contributing in our own small way.

We began MainelyPortland to help in our real estate business of course, but also wanted to share our great city and region with as many people as possible.  If your thinking of moving to Portland and want to learn what it would be like to live here, then this site is for you!

We also encourage you to participate through comments on this site, or join us on Facebook.

Contact Us:

Office: (207) 517-3100
Email: Info@MaineHomeConnection.com