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Maine is well known across the United States it natural beauty. With its spectacular mountain ranges, hundreds of glacial lakes and interesting, creative communities, Maine’s Lakes & Mountains draw outdoor adventurers, wildlife watchers, foliage lovers and history buffs alike. In the fall, the vistas are stunning along the region’s many scenic byways. And in the winter, this region is a paradise for skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers!

It may be surprising to many, but there are actually 5.785 lakes in Maine that are larger than one acre, covering 1,762 square miles.  Nearly have of them are classified as Great Pond, in that they are larger than 10 acres. This unusual term dates back to colonial times, when Maine was part of Massachusetts.

Maine Lakefront Maps

With so much diversity across the state, it is often difficult to know where to start.  Access lakefront maps and profiles online a Maine Lake Guide.

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